Our Story

Who would have ever dreamed that former PSN shipyard worker David, and Sue the cashier would become owners of a restaurant. We ask ourselves that question every day. It wasn't a longtime dream for either one of us, it really was by accident.

The restaurant wasn't our first accident. We actually started out producing lavender and lavender product. That was by accident also. Neither one of us knew anything about lavender, how to grow it or how to use it in products. But, we read a ton, talked to every herpetologist we could find. When we planted lavender, it wasn’t to sell or make into other products. We began growing it to replace a huge tree we had to remove from our yard. Only after we planted did we find out what a gem lavender was. We decided we would share this gem with others. So, our twenty-eight plants, turned into two hundred plus plants.

We learned how to grow, propagate and harvest the lavender. We even learned how to make numerus items from the lavender. We also learned the way of the farmer markets and festivals. That is when we fell into the lavender part of our business. We sold plants and products at the markets. After doing four farmers markets and numerous festivals we decide maybe we needed an actual brick and mortar store. Luck would have it we found this awesome opportunity inside an old decrepit building located on Bay St. in Port Orchard Washington. That old shell of a building became the Port Orchard Public Market. Once the building was completed we opened our first brick and mortar shop. Our first space measured 10’x12’, we named it Sue’s Lavender and More, (the ‘ and more’ was to include items I, (Sue) hand sewed). When the market opened, the original plans were for it to have a fresh juice bar. That was something in the beginning that never worked out. In the meantime, our lavender shop wasn’t doing well. After our year lease was up we had plans to close shop. Customers were upset that the juice bar never opened and complained the market didn’t have anything to offer.

Dave jokingly said to the manager of the market, “we can do a juice bar.” I at first was hesitant to even think we could take on such an endeavor, as we knew nothing about fresh juices or running a juice bar. But, after some thought and realizing how little we knew about lavender or running a business in the beginning and how far we had come with lavender, why couldn’t we start a juice bar. We leased a larger space inside of the ‘Market’. We read, studied and talked our way to understanding what juicing was all about. We purchased juicing equipment and set about making juices and smoothies. We changed our name to Sue’s Lavender and Fresh Juice Bar. We continued to sell our lavender products. I must say we really hit on an “In” thing. The juice bar was a great success. We struggled to keep up in our tiny shop. We were using equipment designed for the home juice and two blenders. This was not cutting it. (pun intended) We needed commercial equipment and a larger space. Again, luck would have it a larger space became available within the ‘Market’. We drew plans up for the new space. We realized we not only had room for our juice business, but we could also add sandwiches. That is just what we did. Our goal, fresh, wholesome juices and smoothies, and fresh sandwiches made the way the customer liked them. Even though we offer “owner designed sandwiches”, we love that we also offer build your own. As Dave likes to say, “I want our customers to 'Eat and Drink' what 'They'want - NOT what I think they should be eatting or drinking".

That is how we became Sue’s Fresh Juice Bar and Sandwich Shop. As recent as November 2016, we’ve also moved my home embroidery shop, (another 10x12 space) to the Port Orchard Public Market. It is an extension of our shop but, is known a Sue’s Embroidery & Sewing Shop. So at least for a while we will stay put and do what we do best. But, there is nothing to say Sue’s could grow again.